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June Wilcox - President

Armed with an innate business sense and an insatiable desire to delight her customers, June built the Adec Group from the ground up and believes that customer satisfaction isn’t an outdated notion. Coupled with this customer-first approach comes an amazing knowledge of the CMS and PRM worlds. With over 5 years of experience helping customers strategically map their online data and maintain digital asset systems with a mobile-first approach, June has seen it all and stays on the cutting edge of industry updates. From content creation and administration to gathering requirements and configuring systems, June has the experience that comes from consistently exceeding the expectations of large, international brands.  

Tim Mesaric, Vice President, Professional Services


As the Adec Group’’s first employee, Tim’s initial task was to handle a challenging content overload for a particular system; he quickly mastered that assignment and has been making the Adec world a better place ever since. Tim has a gift for marrying the technical and the creative, as well as turning into Sherlock Holmes when faced with complex problems that need solving. He deftly manages the Adec Group’’s largest B2B client and also helps run the Adec ship. His talents, experience, and easy-going personality make him an easy contender for the Adec “best of” awards.


Sarah Wesberry, Business Manager

As the Business Manager, Sarah provides air traffic control for just about every aspect of the Adec Group, from ensuring that June and Tim stay on track to making sure that invoices get sent out and payroll happens on time. She has a definite right-brain, left-brain thing happening, exercising both sides on the regular. She’s a drill sergeant, BFF and English professor all wrapped up in one clever package. If you need some snappy copy written. Sarah. If you need budgets to true up. Sarah. If you need an offer letter for a new employee. Sarah. We are very glad to have her and thank our lucky stars each time we crack open one of her spreadsheets or cash one of our paychecks.

Rachel Workman, Account Manager

Rachel is an exceptional project manager who’s got a keen eye for defining client standards and translating those into quality deliverables that receive rave reviews from her clients. She’s wrangled large content migration projects and excels at every aspect of her craft, from conducting needs analyses and creating project plans to managing staff and speaking the language of developers. She looks large, international projects squarely in the eye and has them marching in line in no time at all and creates software requirements and training documentation as if she were born to do so. Detail-oriented and process driven, she’s a star that’s always shining.


Gina McCullough, Content Management Specialist


Gina always says “yes” when we ask for help, accepting any challenge with enthusiasm. Her work ethic is beyond amazing. In fact, we’re pretty sure she doesn’t even sleep. Gina came onboard with the Adec Group in 2007 to facilitate content transfer. She mastered that task quickly and was soon responsible for directing all activities for one of our largest client teams. She integrates content for users around the world, sets up new companies and users and responds to hundreds of support emails weekly, all while keeping a smile at the ready.  Customer service is her forte, and she routinely delights both customers and fellow employees.


Susan Tallman, Creativity Volcano

Susan excels at communicating ideas in visual formats where words are almost an afterthought. She effortlessly captures a vision for each project she works on, surprising and delighting both clients and team members. After just a brief conversation, she quickly catches a vision for what needs created, seeing it with her mind’s eye and then flawlessly producing it.