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June Wilcox - President

Armed with an innate business sense and insatiable desire to delight her customers, June built the adec group from scratch.  While the work adec does is technical and complicated, the reason behind it is not:  June believes that customer satisfaction should be a common courtesy, not an occasional refreshing surprise. 

Coupled with that basic need to make her clients happy is an amazing knowledge of the CMS and PRM world.  June has more than 15 years of experience in this industry; she has seen it all, and she stays on the cutting edge of it.  Her current area of emphasis is taking complex sites and making them accessible for mobile applications. 

June’s skillset runs the gamut.  From content creation to administration, from gathering requirements to configuring systems, no job is too big or too small for June.  Her expertise and her commitment to happy clients are the recipe to adec’s success, and every adec employee buys into that recipe wholeheartedly because June models it authentically.

Tim Mesaric, Vice President, Professional Services


Tim was the first person June ever hired to share the adec fun, and they never looked back.  Tim’s first task was to handle an immediate (and slightly overwhelming) content overload for a particular system; he quickly figured out how to do that easier, and he’s been making things better ever since.  He has created a virtual training site that was designed to the customer’s specifications and involved multiple languages.  Tim has a particular gift for marrying the technical and the creative, and he is adec’s go-to guy for graphics.  He manages adec’s largest B2B customer, and he knows the system inside and out.  Tim also helps run the ship at adec, sharing the lead with June and developing new business along the way.  His talents, his experience, and his easy-going personality help move adec forward (and also allow him to be the only male in our crew and not lose his ever-loving mind).  


Rachel Workman, Account Manager

We are firmly convinced that no one really knows what they’re signing up for when they agree to work for the adec group, and Rachel is a perfect example of that. When Rachel started here, she didn’t know that she was going to be defining our standards as she went along.  We really didn’t know that, either, but we couldn’t have picked a better person for the job.  She created new business and software processes and strengthened existing ones to improve project management. She was so good at it that she soon led a successful content migration project that represented the largest project in adec’s history.

Now Rachel does it all.  She conducts needs analyses, coordinates and facilitates meetings with both customers and developers, and develops plans for meeting requirements. She manages employees during project cycles, including complex migrations involving numerous countries, and creates software requirements documentation when needed.  She is committed to process, to details, and to customers.  We call it living up to your potential; Rachel might call it trial by fire. You say tomato ...

Gina McCullough, Content Management Specialist


Gina is our yes girl. By that, we don’t mean that she blindly agrees to things; we mean that she always says “yes” when we ask for help. She accepts any challenge with enthusiasm. Her work ethic is beyond amazing. We’re pretty sure she doesn’t even sleep. Gina came onboard with adec in 2007 to facilitate content transfer.  She mastered that task quickly and was soon responsible for directing all activities for one of our largest client teams.  She integrates content for users around the world, sets up new companies and users, and responds to hundreds of support emails per week, all while keeping a smile on her face.  Customer service is her forte, and she routinely delights our clients … and us.



Susan Tallman, Creativity Volcano

Susan is really good at getting ideas across in images, colors, pictures, and the like.  She’s so good that sometimes you don’t even need words.  (That thought gives Sarah W hives, but it’s true.)  She also has a heart as big as Texas and a calendar as real as Atlantis.  Every year she gets a cool, pretty, new calendar because it’s pretty and cool.  She uses it for about 2 weeks.  You know how these creative folks are.

Susan is a dreamer, but what makes her special is that she can see and capture other people’s dreams.  If you tell her about it, she sees it in her head and can make it happen on paper or online.  It literally erupts out of her like creative lava, and we all stand close to her just hoping to get some of it on us.  Don’t worry; it doesn’t burn like real lava.  It just kind of tingles … kind of feels like excitement.

Sarah Wesberry, Business Manager

As the Business Manager, Sarah provides a broad range of support for administrative, HR, financial, and operational functions. She tracks billing and time by project, alerting the project manager if a PO is running low. She also helps produce reports and presentations as needed.