The work


My.motorola:  content creation, site administration, ongoing content maintenance, project and software management

Oh, my.motorola, where do we begin?  It is such a long-lasting relationship, successfully redefined to stand the test of time, that it is truly a trip down memory lane to tell the story of adec and my.motorola.  It was an 12 year project, went through 3 different platforms and systems, served more than 40,000 users around the world, and operated in 9 languages.  We found content, made content, and managed content for my.motorola.  We administered the site, we monitored the site, we nurtured the site.  If we had a work baby, it would be my.motorola.  Want to see our little darling’s pictures on our phone?  Yeah, we thought you would, so we made the site mobile, too.  We’ll do anything to help our little ones grow up to be big and strong.

AT&T:  consulting, system set-up and design, content migration, content administration

When AT&T decided to consolidate 8 existing regional partner relationship management systems into one large site, we stepped up to the plate.  Stepping up to the plate, in this situation, looked like this: designing and configuring user groups, roles, rights, partner & user profiles, product catalog, menu, and site layout to meet business needs; writing design documentation for PRM customizations for software provider; and even creating site standards for content posting processes, naming conventions, user group requirements, and role/rights processes.  With our help, AT&T was able to successfully integrated 6 legacy systems, partners, content, and processes into a single, secure software solution that supports partners nationwide. The new system supports the unification of the company and provides top-notch relationship management tools.

FedEx: training and documentation

When FedEx went to a Requisite system, they were in unchartered territory.  We, however, had charted that territory before and knew where to take them.  Like Lewis and Clark, we forged the river together, training administrators and designing support documentation so they were able to make the most of their new system.

VMWare:  content management, system integration

VMWare found themselves with a PRM tool that was a little more high-maintenance than they expected.  Add to that the fact that that they were integrating several systems into that PRM, and they needed help.  Fortunately, we were able to step in and tame the diva into a cooperative team player.  We provided content management, system integration management, and ongoing maintenance that kept everyone happy and successful.

Suncall America:  site strategy, design, and migration

Suncall America had outgrown its website, and it was beginning to feel a little outdated.  The first problem with the old website was that it was difficult to update and required the knowledge and use of code.  Secondly, Suncall had lots of content and products to display and sell, but no content management system.  They needed a fresh look, a user-friendly catalog, and a shopping cart. 

We helped them figure out their site strategy, we designed the new site, we migrated content from the old site to the new; we implemented a CMS; we tossed in a shopping cart; we created some new pictures, text, and pages along the way … abracadabra… new and improved and raring to go.  As an added bonus the website is now much easier to update and keep current, leaving more time for tending to other areas of the business.